Top Story, Basha: “VAT for small business, a crazy decision”

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, said on “Top Story” that the government’s decision to include small businesses into the VAT system is a crazy idea. 

“This means the death of small business. An economic charlatanism coming from the duo who set a record-breaking number of economic failures, Rama and Ahmetaj (Prime Minister and Minister of Finances). They are making it clear to the Albanian people who they really work for. Big corporate owners have always wanted small businesses to pay VAT. These two are the servants of these corporate owners”, Basha declared.

The opposition leader warned that this decision will have destructive consequences.

“It will destroy the small business. It will threaten 280.000 jobs that are directly connected to the small business. He takes them to total bankruptcy because small businesses don’t have the capacity to pay VAT and get it reimbursed, because they would have to pay accountants for this. This cannot happen”, Basha said.

For Basha, there is another solution:

“The solution would be increasing the turnover limit that defines small businesses at 1.2 million ALL. This will make a rightful solution and will liberate smaller businesses, which are the main pillar of the Albanian economy, and who don’t need another hit in these difficult days”, Basha said. 

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