Rama and Dule debate law for minorities. MP Noka banned from session

The draft law for the protection of minorities has been debates this Thursday in Parliament, where MP Vangjel Dule asked for the law to be removed from the agenda, because it is not complete. 

The majority voted to reject this request. Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati declared that the law is very important and it has been drafted after long consults with international partners.

Dule insisted and said than in 2011, citizens were stripped of the right to declare their ethnicity in the Census, and this law is based on the same notions.

Prime Minister Rama reacted and told Dule that he is not a decent representative of the Greek minority in Albania.

Former PM Sali Berisha was also involved, opposing some aspects of the law. “This law is a conflict between mafia clans in power”, he declared.

After his time was over, Speaker Ruci interrupted Berisha’s time, an action that was opposed by MP Noka, who usurped the podium in protest. In these conditions, Speaker Ruci banned Noka from today’s session. 

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