Basha’s rivals at DP present their platform for rebuilding party

Former MPs and former leaders of the Democratic Party have prepared a platform for rebuilding their political force. 

Former Minister of Finances and former General Secretary of the Democratic Party, Ridvan Bode, said that the only goal of this platform is to unite the DP through an electoral process.

“Let’s unite the DP through a process of deep analysis, not oriented and dictated, but as democrats think it. Through this analyze we can rebuild all leading institutions, to its highest levels”, Bode said.

To achieve this, Basha’s critics have esetablished some conditions for the way how elections are organized. The most important point is the one requiring a reelection of the DP leader, a condition which is considered unnegotiable.

“Then electoral process means all elements, all phases. I think the leader himself would want such a process, as the first step to try and win back credibility, after the July 22nd farce”, Bode declared.

The platform will be presented officially at all leading institutions of the Democratic Party, which has not come up with a reaction yet. However, the initiators of this movement have already withdrawn from the request to create fractions.

“We don’t want fractions. We want to be an equal part of every member, with the right to vote and get voted. It will be the vote of Democrats which will compose the leadership they deserve”, Bode declared.

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