Former Kosovo President not allowed in Belgrade, sends video speech to event

Former President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga, was not allowed to participate in the “Miredita, Dobar Dan” festival, which promotes Kosovo culture in Serbia.

The festival planned promoting a book about the rape of women during the Kosovo war.

Although she had already started traveling to Belgrade, the Serbian authorities said they couldn’t guarantee the safety of the former President of Kosovo.

Jahjaga said her intentions were only positive, and that the current Serbian leaders are simply carrying on the politics of the ‘90s, which they have been part of.

Jahjaga has been invited to Serbia several times, but her visits were always canceled. Visits of politicians from both countries always cause tension.

Today Jahjaga published on social networks the speech she was supposed to be read in the event. The guests were also able to hear it through a video registration.

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