Sweden says “yes” to Albania’s candidate status

SUEDIA_03_21Sweden is the first European Union country that has officially confirmed its vote in favor of Albania’s candidate status.

Patrik Svensson, Sweden’s Delegate to Tirana, declared for Top Channel that the government and political parties in the Scandinavian country favor Albania’s candidate status.

Sweden is one of the countries that showed skepticism for Albania’s integration processes. Svensson shows why this skepticism was removed.

“We think that Albania has delivered what has been asked by the progress report of 2012, and this is sustained by strong evidence. It makes us believe that it is time for the Council to pass the candidate status. Certainly, we cannot say that everything has been completed, since we have a long path to integration. We are expecting more progress in all directions addressed by th Commission, not only the five priorities that are related to the law implementation, clearly listed in the commission. You need even more progress for the next negotiation step”, Svensson declared.

When asked about the efforts of the Albanian government in the fight against corruption and organized crime, two of the main recommendations of the progress-report 2013, Svenssion declared that there has been progress, realized by the previous and current governments. The new government, which has only a few months in power, has shown constructive efforts and is taking these matters very seriously.

Sweden’s vote in favor is seen as a good omen by the Albanian diplomacy, and that it might change the situation with other countries such as Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain.

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