Rama: 2014, year of recovery

rama-kryeministerThe Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, held the New Year’s Eve press conference this Monday, in which he commented the first 100 days of his government and announced the priorities for the next year. 

“Citizens voted the change and made 2013 the year of the big change. With their votes, doctors, teachers, police officers and 97% of the citizens chose to have fewer taxes. In these 100 days we established our orientation for the future”, Rama declared.

“Reestablishing law and order, and protecting citizens and their property, will be the priority of 2014. Other priority is the justice reform. The Albanian people need justice”, Rama declared, underlining that the foreign and integration policies will also be a priority.

“Next year we will have a foreign policy based on the promotion of an active Albania. The next year will be the year of work for the integration process and that Albania takes what it deserved”, the head of government declared.

Rama added that radical reforms await our country in the next year, and he announced a series of actions that will take under control the national assets. He also declared that the property titles will all be given in 2014.

The Prime Minister also answered to journalist questions. When asked by Top Channel if there will be constitutional changes in the next year, he declared:

“We don’t have a plan to make constitutional changes. We will make a justice reform and we are ready to cooperate with the opposition for this”.

Rama underlined that there are no barriers with businesses in Kosovo, and that as for the Peja Beer, the Albanian government has simply followed the directives of the European Union.

As for the relations with Kosovo, Rama guaranteed that in the first meeting between the two governments they will mark the beginning of the strategic governing between the two states.

When asked about Albania’s position in the Islamic Conference, Rama accepted that this is an issue for the Eu, but underlined that it will be resolved with maturity.

“The extremist forces are a concerning issue for the EU. It is not up to us to treat and resolve that issue. What we can do, is to make sure that that integration will not hampered by them. EU doesn’t hide the fact that the Muslim affiliation of part of our population is concerning”, Rama declared.

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